• Eye Patch
  • V-Line Patch
  • Breast Patch
  • Heel Patch
  • Nail Patch
  • Cooling Patch
  • Vitamin Patch
  • Big Type

  • Whole Type with
    left and right

  • Whole Type with
    no left or right

  • Slim Type

  • Mini Eye


Characteristics : It sticks closely to the skin to help the absorption of various effective ingredients, and keep the skin underneath
the eyes moist and toned.

  • On-ear Patch

    귀걸이 패치이미지
  • Double On-ear Patch

    이중귀걸이 패치이미지

Characteristics : High flexibility helps maintain the jaw line, and excellent adherence helps absorb the various extracts to maintain
moist and toned skin.

  • Hydrogel Breast Patch


Characteristics : High-adhesive hydrogel sticks closely to the skin to help the absorption of various effective ingredients.
The natural plant extract Puerariamirifica induces female hormones to help maintain the breasts firm and smooth.

  • Elbow Patch

  • Heel Patch


Characteristics : Easy-to-use band type. Urea and papain extracts softens the hard dead skin cells, and herbal and plant extracts
provide nutrients and moisture to the rough and cracked elbow/heel to turn them smooth.

  • Nail Patch


Characteristics : Adhesive band type that is easy to use; calcium, keratin, and other plant extracts provide fingernails and toenails with
nutrients, protect the cuticle layer, and maintain healthy hands.

  • Square Patch


Characteristics : Adhesive sheet type; the moisture in the gel absorbs heat and releases it to cool down your body, and helps
alleviate swelling.

  • Alcohol Patch


Characteristics : Easy-to-use band type that is designed to help transdermal delivery system absorb effective ingredients help with
alcoholysis, helping to cure hangovers.(7 effective ingredients: oriental raisin tree extracts, asparagus stem extracts,
vitamin C, vitamin B1, artichoke leaf extracts, green tea extracts, taurine)